About GTMA

Vision — GTMA was established to enhance community and individual capacity to effectively manage differences, building a sense of safety and cohesion in an increasingly conflicted world.
Mission — Develop and provide high quality programs and services designed to enhance skills for resolving interpersonal and group conflict.
Who Are Mediators? — Mediators are people from varied backgrounds who are specifically trained and certified to work with conflict resolutions.

GTMA Ethical Standards and Practices

Mediation is both an art and a science. Essentially, it is a skill, which allows individuals who have great respect and empathy for people, to assist parties in conflict to clarify and eventually resolve a difficult situation. Because the experience of mediation is so individualized for the client(s), as well as the mediator(s), the importance of a clearly ethical relationship cannot be overemphasized.

Individuals seeking to serve as a mediator must adhere to the highest standards of ethical practice regardless of the level of their mediation activity. These standards are intended to articulate clearly the expectation of the Grand Teton Mediation Association with regard to the conduct of mediation undertaken by any of its Chapter Members. Adherence to these standards is understood to be a minimum requirement for Association membership. As part of its mission, the association or seek continually to educate and support its members in understanding and fulfilling the highest aspirations of mediators and of the Association.

At the beginning of any mediation activity, including pre-mediation interviews, mediators have the responsibility of educating all parties related to the process about its nature, procedures and potential outcomes. Parties should be given the opportunity to ask questions regarding the process at any time and be given clear and realistic responses.

The mediator should be careful to clarify his/her role, including any prior relationship(s) and that of anyone participating in, observing, or affected by the mediation. The mediator should clarify for him/herself and for the parties that the mediation is appropriate under the circumstances presented.

It should be clearly understood that, while this is not a debate, issues important to both/all sides would be discussed in a clear and concise manner. The mediator(s) should assure that both/all parties are allowed to address their positions, interests and needs. Wherever necessary and appropriate, mediator(s) should verify his/her understanding of the concern expressed by any party in the mediation.

Recognizing that both/all parties are effectively ‘clients’ of the mediator(s), the mediator(s) should assure that full disclosure of relevant information in order to ensure mediation in good faith.

In order to clarify understand and solicit the interests and need of all parties, the mediator(s) may employ such techniques as joint or separate sessions, caucus, assurance of confidentiality, involvement of additional parties, and clarification of conditions under which mediation may be terminated.

Mediator(s) have a responsibility to assure that confidentiality is maintained in all aspects of the mediation process unless modified by all parties.

Mediator(s) have an ongoing responsibility to report any threat of injury to self or others, as well as any indication of child abuse, neglect or abandonment as prescribed by law. This expectation should be clearly explained early in the mediation process.

While mediators are ordinarily not required to testify in court at any time, the potential of testimony as a result of judicial rule should be explained if and when appropriate.

All notes, transcripts, or documents for all stages of mediation should be disposed of and in an appropriate and confidential manner. Referral documents, files and other records of the case should be maintained or destroyed on order to preserve client confidentiality.

No information will be released to any party outside the mediation without prior consent of the parties.

In the event that information related to the mediation is to be used for research or training, all identifying information will be deleted or removed from the document.

In the event that mediator(s) have provided mediation service or have an opening social relationship with any party, this service or relationship shall be disclosed and discussed prior to commencement of the mediation. Parties shall have a voluntary opportunity to withdraw from the mediation if they believe that such a prior relationship on the part of the mediator may influence the impartiality of the process.

The Mediator(s) shall have no financial or other interest in the outcome of the mediation other that the agreed upon fee arrangement. The mediator(s) must disclose any circumstance to the participants that might cause a conflict of interest.

When participants reach a mutual agreement; the mediator will discuss the process for formalizing and implementing the agreement. When partial agreement is reached, the mediator will discuss the procedures available to resolve the remaining issues.

Mediators have an ongoing responsibility to maintain integrity in all matters related to the conduct of their mediation activities, dissemination of information regarding the process, ethical standards and conduct and in their relationships with other professionals.

GTMA Historical Synopsis

  • Organizational Leadership Identified – May 2004
  • First President’s Newsletter Distributed – July 2004
  • Articles of Incorporation Adopted -August 2004
  • GTMA Impasse Workshop Presented-February 26, 2005
  • GTMA Speakers Bureau Established- April 2005
  • GTMA Presentation, Blackfoot Chamber, August, 2005
  • GTMA “The Art of Mediation” workshop presented-April 22, 2006
  • Monthly GTMA Educational Luncheon Series Established-2006
  • GTMA Newsletter Established- August 2006
  • GTMA Strategic Planning Session January 8 th , 2007
  • Basic Mediation Training Provided-January 23, 2007
  • The initial “Settlement Day” explored-(Collaboration with IdahoBar Association)-August 2007
  • GTMA Scholarship Loan Program Established-August 2007
  • GTMA Presentation to Idaho falls Chamber-February 1, 2009
  • 40 hour Basic Mediation Training Workshops-March 17-18- 19; 24-25- 162 2011 — -February 23-24- 25; March 1-2- 3 2012
  • Conflict Resolution Day Concept Developed-September 2014
  • Conflict Resolution Day Completed-July 30 2016

GTMA List of Members/Mediators

  • Steve supports alternative dispute resolution, mediation/arbitration, as opposed to costly litigation.
  • Hands-on high-end construction experience and a lifetime of knowledge have greatly contributed to his alternative dispute resolution skills.
  • Served as Executive Officer and Local President of the local NAHB chapter, where he fostered standards and building codes.
  • Served on the Idaho Executive Committee and Idaho NAHB State President, and later appointed to the First Contractor Registration Board by the governor.
  • Represented Idaho at the National Association of State Contractor Licensing Agencies during his two years as Chairman.
  • He has been serving as a trained mediator for over 10 years using his experience and knowledge to effectively address real world problems and find best possible outcomes.

Contact Steve Pinther: 208-390-9950

    • Eric has a bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in business.
    • He has worked in the counseling and problem solving courts for the past 8 years.
    • He is in the Supreme Court Roster for custody mediation.
    • He has extensive mediation training and loves the resolution process.
    • He volunteers his time with the church, boy scouts, the soup kitchen, and mediation.
    • His experiences have helped him to develop outstanding listening and problem solving skills, which makes him a fantastic mediator.
    Contact Eric Hill: 208-346-1357

      • Henry has a Bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s in counseling.
      • He owns and operates a mediation business and is a certified mediation trainer.
      • He is on the board of the Grand Teton Mediation Association, and has a Governor’s Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service.
      • Henry has 25 Years Professional Experience in Human & Social Services, 10 Years Experience in Civil Rights Management and Enforcement, 15 Years Experience in Mediation and Mediation Training & Communication.
      Contact Henry Henscheid

        • Kristi has been a Paralegal for 17 years.
        • She is on the Supreme Court Roster of Child Custody Mediators.
        • She has a degree in Legal Technologies and a Degree in Social Science.
        • She is currently in a graduate program for Alternative Dispute Resolution at Boise State University.
        • She has 4 children and 17 grandchildren and loves to ride bikes, camp, watch football, and spend time with her family.
        • Kristi is currently serving as the President of the Grand Teton Mediation Association.
        Contact Kristi Richardson

          • Jennifer is a Certified Professional Mediator and a Supreme Court roster child custody mediator.
          • She has been a Small Claims volunteer mediator since 2007 and has been mediating for over 15 years.
          • She served as the coordinator for the Victim/Offender and Parent/Teen mediation program.
          • She is the Seventh Judicial District Small Claims Mediation Coordinator.
          • Jen is the former President of the Grand Teton Mediation Association and currently serves as the Idaho Mediation Association secretary.
          Contact Jennifer Neermann

            • JJ White is the Family Court Services Manager for the Seventh Judicial District.
            • She provides district-wide programs and services including supervised visitation/exchanges, child custody mediation, Focus On The Children workshops, case management screening, custody assessment/evaluation referrals, coordination of child interviews, and individualized parenting plan assistance.
            • She has expanded services to include a child custody mediation workshop to provide mediation intervention early on in custody cases.
            • Prior to this assignment, she worked in the mental health field assisting families to increase cohesiveness and functionality.
            • She has been a certified child custody mediator since 2011 and is passionate about conflict resolution and the positive impact it has on families and communities.
            • JJ has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Idaho State University and a Master’s degree in Business from Utah State University, and is a United States Air Force Veteran.

            • Faye Spears has lived in Idaho Falls since 1992.
            • With an AA in Business Administration, she provided long-term support for three start-up companies and has worked for several engineering firms.
            • Always involved in continuing education and study groups, she has experience in dealing with differing opinions and bringing about consensus of the group.
            Contact Faye Spears

              • Lila Gold is a long-time supporter of GTMA, having served as president, secretary, or board member for the past 14 years.
              • She received basic mediation training at Brigham Young University, and has since achieved many hours of further mediation training and case practice.
              • Lila is retired, having served as Assistant Dean of Students at BYU-Idaho for 20 years, after serving the people of St. Anthony as City Clerk for many years.
              • Mediation helps solve conflicts in business, community relationships, and families. Lila says, “I feel that one of my ‘super-powers’ is a mediator’s heart, and continue to marvel at the healing power of mediation.”
              • She is currently serving as the Treasurer of the Grand Teton Mediation Association
              Contact Lila Gold

                • Alice has worked in the legal field for over 35 years.
                • She has been a mediator since 2010, assisting in more than 300 case settlements.
                • Her emphasis is family law (divorce & custody) she also mediates probate cases, parent-teen disputes and other civil matters.
                • Alice serves on the board of the CHC Foundation, is the VP of the Grand Teton Mediation Association, and as the mediator representative on the Seventh Judicial District Bench & Bar Committee.
                • In her spare time, she enjoys time with her family (especially her grandchildren), golf, traveling, trail riding and scuba diving.
                • Certified Professional Mediator (since 2015)
                • Practices mediation from Herndon & Stosich, P.A., 101 S. Park, Suite 215, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.
                Contact Alice Pike: 208-528-6444

                  • Scott believes in people and enjoys working with them to meet their goals.
                  • He lives in Salmon, Idaho where is he currently the Executive Director of the Mahoney House which is a domestic violence and sexual assault crisis center.
                  • With a degree in Business Administration and a logical win-win approach to mediation, Scott is excited to use and further develop his skill and abilities to help others through conflict resolution.
                  • Scott trains child custody mediators in domestic violence matters.

                  • Certified mediator in: Basic Training, Advanced Training, and Child Custody Training.
                  • She was previously a realtor and license massage therapist and is now a small claims mediator.
                  • Suzee enjoys volunteering as a tree designer for the festival of trees.
                  • She is a proud mother of four children, and grandmother of 10.
                  • Her hobbies include gardening, snowmobiling, crafting and spending time with friends and family.

                  • Brent is an attorney of 17 years, located in Idaho Falls.
                  • He grew up in Victor and graduated from ISU in 1997 with High Honors in Political Science.
                  • Brent attended law school at the University of Montana in Missoula where he graduated with honors in 2002.
                  • As a law student, he was employed as a teaching assistant at the law school, as well as a criminal prosecution intern at the Missoula County Attorney’s Office and an intern at the Office of General Counsel for the United Stated Dept. of Agriculture.
                  • Following law school, he served as a law clerk to the Honorable Stephen S. Trott in the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit.
                  • In 2003, Brent joined the law firm Racine, Olson, Nye, Budge & Bailey, where he engages in both civil and criminal law.
                  • Brent resigned in 2017 and opened his own private practice in Idaho Falls where he continues to engage in a wide variety of civil and criminal areas of law.

                  • Mike graduated from Utah State University in 1981 with a degree in History and English.
                  • He taught at Preston Junior High School for a year prior to attending law school at the University of Idaho 1982-1985.
                  • He has been a trial attorney for over 30 years and has assisted clients with a wide variety of issues.
                  • In his capacity as an attorney, he has participated in hundreds of mediations.
                  • He recently attended the Northwest Institute for Dispute Resolution Civil Mediation course conducted by the University of Idaho.
                  • Mike works at the law firm of Thomsen Holman Wheiler, PLLC in Idaho Falls.
                  • Mike is currently serving as Vice President of the Grand Teton Mediation Association.

                  • David has been a professor of history at BYU-I for over two decades.
                  • He earned a PhD in American Studies from the University of Minnesota and currently specializes in topics of conflict and peace theory.
                  • He has also served as visiting professor and Fullbright Scholar in India.
                  • He currently lives in Rexburg, Idaho and loves to spend time along rivers and mountains.
                  • David also serves BYU-I student housing as a rental dispute mediator.

                  • Brenda has studies in Social Work and her Legal Certificate from CEI.
                  • She interned at Thomson Smith Wolf & Associates prior to her position in Juvenile Probation in Bonneville County.
                  • Volunteered with CASA worker for 6 years.
                  • She has been a Juvenile Probation Officer for 9 years.
                  • If asked, she would say her greatest accomplishment is being the mother of 6 boys.

                  • Allison completed her Bachelor of Arts degree in English at Colby College of Waterville, Maine.
                  • She studied law at Vermont Law School in South Royalton, Vermont, where she earned her Juris Doctor and her Master of Environmental Law and Policy.
                  • In 2015, she was admitted to the Idaho State Bar.
                  • She joined the Idaho Association of Mediators in 2017, became a mediator for Teton County, Idaho in 2018, joined the Idaho Association of Trial Lawyers in 2019, and became part of the Grand Teton Mediation Association in 2020.
                  • Allison currently works for Greater Yellowstone Coalition as the Idaho Conservation Associate as well as owning and operating her own mediation practice, Mountain Mediation Services.
                  • When Allison is not working for our land and water resources, or to help client’s generate creative solutions to life’s unique challenges, you can find her out and about hiking, skiing, or floating with her two dogs.

                  • Education: MA in Finance
                  • Public Service; 6 years as President of School Board in Illinois
                  • 13 Years as Small Claims Court Mediator in ID
                  • Founding Member of GTMA
                  • Certified Professional Mediator
                  Thank you, Richard, for your many years of service.
                  You will be greatly missed.