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[wptabtitle] Lynn Muehlfeit[/wptabtitle]

  • Lynn has been mediating for over 10 years.
  • He worked for Qwest as a union representative for 27 years, learning skills that he now applies to mediation.
  • He is patient and a great listener and has mastered skills of negotiation and problem solving.
  • He is vice president of GTMA, and has been on the Governor’s Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service.
Contact Lynn Muehlfeit

    [wptabtitle] Eric Hill[/wptabtitle]

    • Eric has a bachelor’s in Psychology and a Master’s in business.
    • He has worked in the counseling and problem solving courts for the past 8 years.
    • He is in the Supreme Court Roster for custody mediation.
    • He has extensive mediation training and loves the resolution process.
    • He volunteers his time with the church, boy scouts, the soup kitchen, and mediation.
    • His experiences have helped him to develop outstanding listening and problem solving skills, which makes him a fantastic mediator.
    Contact Eric Hill: 208-346-1357


      [wptabtitle] Henry Henscheid[/wptabtitle]

      • Henry has a Bachelor’s degree in political science and a master’s in counseling.
      • He owns and operates a mediation business and is a certified mediation trainer.
      • He is on the board of the Grand Teton Mediation Association, and has a Governor’s Commission on Volunteerism and Community Service.
      • Henry has 25 Years Professional Experience in Human & Social Services, 10 Years Experience in Civil Rights Management and Enforcement, 15 Years Experience in Mediation and Mediation Training & Communication.
      Contact Henry Henscheid


        [wptabtitle] Kristi Richardson[/wptabtitle]

        • Kristi has been a Paralegal for 17 years.
        • She is on the Supreme Court Roster of Child Custody Mediators.
        • She has a degree in Legal Technologies and a Degree in Social Science.
        • She is currently in a graduate program for Alternative Dispute Resolution at Boise State University.
        • She has 4 children and 17 grandchildren and loves to ride bikes, camp, watch football, and spend time with her family.
        Contact Kristi Richardson


          [wptabtitle] Jennifer Neermann[/wptabtitle]

          • Jennifer is a Certified Professional Mediator and a Supreme Court roster child custody mediator.
          • She has been a Small Claims volunteer mediator since 2007.
          • She served as the coordinator for the Victim/Offender and Parent/Teen mediation program.
          • She currently works with the Restorative Justice Program and is a board member of the Grand Teton Mediation Association.
          • She is the 7th Judicial District Small Claims Mediation Coordinator.
          • Jen also owns a small business painting custom walls.
          Contact Jennifer Neermann


            [wptabtitle] Lila Gold[/wptabtitle]

            • Lila Gold is a long-time supporter of GTMA, having served as president, secretary, or board member for the past 14 years.
            • She received basic mediation training at Brigham Young University, and has since achieved many hours of further mediation training and case practice.
            • Lila is retired, having served as Assistant Dean of Students at BYU-Idaho for 20 years, after serving the people of St. Anthony as City Clerk for many years.
            • Mediation helps solve conflicts in business, community relationships, and families. Lila says, “I feel that one of my ‘super-powers’ is a mediator’s heart, and continue to marvel at the healing power of mediation.”
            Contact Lila Gold

              [wptabtitle] Alice Pike[/wptabtitle]

              • Alice has worked in the legal field for over 35 years.
              • She has been a mediator since 2010, assisting in more than 300 case settlements.
              • Her emphasis is family law (divorce & custody) she also mediates probate cases, parent-teen disputes and other civil matters.
              • Alice serves on the board of the CHC Foundation, is the VP of the Grand Teton Mediation Association, and as the mediator representative on the Seventh Judicial District Bench & Bar Committee.
              • In her spare time, she enjoys time with her family (especially her grandchildren), golf, traveling, trail riding and scuba diving.
              • Certified Professional Mediator (since 2015)
              • Practices mediation from Herndon & Stosich, P.A., 101 S. Park, Suite 215, Idaho Falls, ID 83402.
              Contact Alice Pike: 208-528-6444


                [wptabtitle] Richard Struthers[/wptabtitle]

                • Education: MA in Finance
                • Public Service; 6 years as President of School Board in Illinois
                • 13 Years as Small Claims Court Mediator in ID
                • Founding Member of GTMA
                • Certified Professional Mediator
                Contact Richard Struthers


                  [wptabtitle] Melanie Fowers[/wptabtitle]

                  • Melanie currently works for the Idaho Army National Guard as a behavioral health consultant contractor.
                  • Currently employed with Children and Family Services in Idaho Falls doing individual and family therapy.
                  • Master’s degree from NNU (Northwest Nazarene University) 2013 with an emphasis on clinician and addictions therapy.
                  • Bachelor’s degree from ISU 2008
                  • Melanie is on the Supreme Court roster of child custody mediators.
                  Contact Melanie Fowers: 208-709-3925


                    [wptabtitle] Bob Hart[/wptabtitle]

                    • Bob was an Arizona state trooper for 30 years.
                    • His experiences have provided him with an extensive knowledge and skills related to negotiating, listening and problem solving.
                    • After retiring, he moved back to Idaho to be closer to his grandchildren.
                    • He has been volunteering his time and skill set mediating for 6 years.
                    • Bob is a current member of the Grand Teton Mediation Assosciation.
                    Contact Bob Hart:


                      [wptabtitle] Dave Wall “The Fisherman”[/wptabtitle]

                      • Dave worked for Qwest Communications and was a union representative.
                      • He currently negotiates problems as a palisades camp host and has a great understanding of the mediation process.
                      • Dave is a current member of the Grand Teton Mediation Assosciation.
                      Contact Dave Wall:


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